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When selling a luxury yacht, most owners choose to engage the services of a specialist luxury yacht brokerage. If you would like a no obligation quote from a yacht broker, please use the form below to contact a yacht brokerage.

Why Use A Yacht Brokerage?

Only a yacht broker has access to the worldwide multiple listings service, enabling you to get maximum exposure for your yacht. This, along with their other industry contacts and marketing networks, gets you qualified buyers you could never reach if you tried to sell your vessel privately.

Yacht brokers know the market in great detail, they will advise you on the price and condition of other competing vessels currently being offered for sale and make recommendations regarding improvements or repairs that can help you to sell your yacht quickly, and at the price you wish to achieve.

The buyers who express an interest in your yacht will be prescreened by your broker, which is vitally important, as there are many timewasters out there. Only genuine, qualified buyers will be allowed to inspect your vessel, usually accompanied by the broker without any requirement for you to be there, thereby saving your valuable time.

Once they have located a buyer, your broker will be skilled at dealing with all the possible pitfalls which can prevent a successful closing, such as issues which arise during the inspection process and financing problems. They will take care of the hugely complicated paperwork and make sure the whole transaction is stress free for you.

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